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impact & income 

It's time to elevate your 

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Are you ready to host elevated business events?

Yes, I know we all want to host elevated events for your business. But first I have a few questions for you...


  • Are you tired of your events not generating enough revenue?

  • Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by the endless details of planning events?

  • Are you tired of spending countless hours negotiating with vendors

  • Are you tired of spending too much time doing all of the things yourself with no guidance or solid strategy?

Well, look no further, you're in the right place.


Delegate so you can Elevate! 


And get the proper support that you need to let your next event be the most profitable one yet. Why host a $47 brunch when you can host a 6 figure event. It's time to unlearn that you only have to charge low ticket prices for your events.

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Download my free profitable event ebook now! 

This ebook will give you 5 types of events that you can host for your business this year.

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Meet Your 6 Figure Event Consultant!


I started my journey back in 2006 as a graphic designer that was helping businesses build their visual brand then eventually led to branding events. Even though I had a love to be an entrepreneur, I went on to work in Corporate America as an event planner for 10 years. While I was employed full time, I never stopped building my own brand along side my 9 to thrive. 

My love for events and branding has gotten me to the point I am today. I'm ready to share my expertise and help you host your first profitable event.


I'm going to challenge you to not only host an event but to curate an unforgettable experience beyond the branding for your attendees.

Hey there!

I'm Katrina Page


You're in the right place if you...

You Desire to Host An Event:

You have the vision but don’t know where to start or just need guidance to host a profitable event. Let's host a 6 figure event!

You Value Elevated Experiences:

You love an experience and want to curate one for your attendees. Make them feel like VIP status the whole time.

You’re Desire Impact & Income:

You desire a bigger impact than just some cute photos. You’re interested in the transformation of your attendees and increase

You're Tired of the Stress:

Let’s ditch the headaches and sleepless nights worrying about event logistics. It's time for you to stay in your zone of genius.


Let's Elevate Together!

The time is now to make the decision and host a profitable event with bigger impact and transformation. 

I'm here to coach you through your events. I know that can be stressful; but with the right team in place it can be done at ease. Let's book a discovery call to see how we can serve you. Here's to elevated events in 2023!


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